Louise Farrenc: Symphony 2, Ouverture 1 & 2

Joahnnes Goitzki, Radio-Philharmonie Hannover des NDR, Louise Farrenc Symphonie 2 und Ouvertüre 1 und 2, cpo
Release Date: 2004-06-29
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Radio-Philharmonie Hannover des NDR
Johannes Goritzki, conductor

Symphony No. 2
No. 1 Andante – Allegro
No. 6 Overture No. 2


This CD has been released at cpo in 2004.


Louise Farrenc’s talent was discovered first by Hector Berlioz. She studied piano with Johann Nepomuk Hummel and Ignaz Moscheles. As a student in classical composition she knew all of Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn’s works, and in their spirit Louise Farrenc composed in a ‘universal’ and ‘European’ language of music.