George Onslow: Symphonies 1 & 3

Joahnnes Goitzki, NDW Radiophilharmonie, George Onslow Symphonie 1 und 3, cpo
Release Date: 2004-10-22
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Radio-Philharmonie Hannover des NDR
Johannes Goritzki, conductor

Symphony No. 1 A major, op. 41

Symphony No. 3 F minor, w/o op.


This CD has been released at cpo in 2004.


George Onslow, the so called „french Beethoven“ and Hector Berlioz were France’s most important symphonic composers in the first half of the 19th century. During the years 1846/47 George Onslow lived in Cologne where his works were performed, for example, by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy at the Niederrheinisches Musikfest.